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Q.  What type of projects are posted?
Projects cover all areas of Commercial and Industrial construction bids in valuation of USD $100,000 to several billion dollars.

Q.  What kind of construction information do NCLís leads include?
 Leads include: Project Name, Posting Company, Industry, Location, Approximate Valuation, Estimated Bid Start Date, Architect and Owner Contact Information, and any other available information regarding a particular project.

  My company needs more information on a particular project than what is already given. Is there any way NCL can help?
A.  NCLís technology will allow your company to request that additional information be researched by our quality staff with ease.

Q.  What kind of information will a normal NCL construction lead give?
 Our leads include all the vital information you need to begin the bidding process: Project name, referring company name, industry type, location, estimated valuation, projected bidding start/end date, and architect/owner contact information. More importantly though any information you need that we do not have NCL will find. Thatís our promise to you.

Q.  Will my company have to spend hours searching through project leads to find one that appeals to our needs?
 Our service provides an easy to use, customizable search feature so you only see the projects that relate to your needs.

Q.  How will my companyís bottom line benefit from subscribing to NCLís service?
A. Your subscription fee will be more than recovered when your company is awarded its first project found via NCLís service.

Q.  Nationwide Construction Leadsí service seems like a service my company would benefit from joining. Where do I sign up?
 Enter our registration page and we will make sure the leads come straight to you!

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